Yair Station

Yair Experimental Station is named after the late Yair Guron, who was among the founders of Arava R&D and its first director. The station, established in 1991, is located on the Arava main road (Road 90), in vicinity to Hazeva junction and Hazeva Field School. The establishment of Yair Station followed considerable research activities that took place in experimental plots at local farms in Ein-Yahav (Oded Yaffe farm, 1970's) and Hazeva (Dani Michaeli farm, late 1980's). The station was founded due to the upsurge of protected agriculture in the Arava Valley during the late 1980's. The unique environmental conditions of the Arava Valley, which include high solar irradiation during most of the year, large daily amplitude of temperature and low relative humidity, along with the tendency to expand the production beyond the traditional winter season in the Arava Valley called for research and development efforts aimed to create the special know-how and the detailed protocols required for sheltered agriculture in the region.

Upon establishment, the station included nine greenhouses that served for variety tests and for irrigation and fertilization experiments. In the following stage of development (1994), twelve greenhouses were added, most of which are used for experiments focused on greenhouse climate control. The composition of crop species inhabiting the experimental plots usually reflects the distribution of the current commercial crops grown in the Central Arava region – vegetables and cut-flowers. The recent expansion of the sweet pepper production has found its significant expression in the experimental work in the station. With this regard, alternative soil-bedding concepts, irrigation and fertilization regimes, plant protection issues, greenhouse climate as well as various cultivation methods are all under present investigation in Yair station.

With time, new departments have been opened in the station:

Aquaculture – the center, which provides R&D activities supporting the increasing industry of ornamental fish, is the natural heir of the previous aquatic research station in Ein-Yahav that was active in edible fish and algae production.

Orchards – in the frame of examining crop species alternative to the traditional intensive vegetable production, vineyards and other species of fruit trees have been planted and followed in open field and various sheltered systems.

Organic agriculture – a noteworthy section that provides professional discussions and practical solutions for the daily emerging problems characterizing the recent upsurge in the organic production in the Arava. The experimental work here sticks to the official organic protocols.

Herbs and spices – in the frame of examining the cropping of various species and the management of their pests, diseases, irrigation and fertilization. 

Yair station is the 'living center' of the whole Arava region, from Sodom Valley in the north to Paran in the south, creating and disseminating agricultural knowledge. Occasional seminars, season-sum days, and other sorts of professional meetings take place in the conference hall in the station. The "open day", the highlight happening celebrated on January every year in, attracts thousands of visitors from Israel and many from abroad, who come to update with the innovative agriculture emerging from Yair Station.


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